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Persian Palimpsest

Hello. My name is Joshua Yasmeh and I founded Persian Palimpsest, an organization committed to documenting the diverse and underrepresented voices of the Iranian diaspora. We are a new media collective. 

From the jubilant cultural celebrations of today to the painful personal memories of the past, the patchwork of narratives that inform the lives of modern Iranians are far from straightforward, let alone linear.

As the geopolitics of Iran flood popular discourse with polemics…


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A brief look at one of Shiraz's poets who lived and wrote of love for almost 100 years

Ms. Esmat Emami, known as Miss Poet of Shiraz 


Mahin Esmat Emami

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سوال و جواب: آیا چیزی که اعتقاد داریم تبلیغات آنها و دلخواسته های ماست یا واقعاً واقعیت است؟

در دنیای امروزمحدود کردن تحلیل مشکلات به ریشه های داخلی و بومیِ قضایا بغیر از عقب ماندن از آگاهیهای بروز و نیآموختن در مورد سیستمهای خشنِ اقتصادی-سیاسی جهانی، که بر ما اعمال میشوند، فایده ای ندارد!

باید دید که واقعاً ربط ما و تحصیلکرده های ما در پیشبرد جامعه و مردم خود چیست، و سهم ما و تحصیلکرده های ما از امکانات، منابع و بازار رقابت موجود در کشورمان (که…


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Dr. Majid Naini Talks about Achieving World Peace in Honor of Rumi's 807th Birthday

UVR is proud to present Professor Majid Naini’s extraordinary talk in Persian about achieving world peace and harmony for the wonderful occasion of Rumi’s 807th birthday. On a similar occasion he was invited to speak at the United Nations at the end of the General Assembly about world peace. This program was dedicated to all the students of Rumi, lovers of peace, and people of love and light. We humbly ask everyone to please pray and work for spreading love, peace, and humanity…


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Congratulations! Another Source of Pride for Iranians; Professor Maryam Mirzakhani

The more I spent time on maths, the more excited I got'

The first woman to win the prestigious Fields Medal prize discusses her life as a mathematician…


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A Tribute to Professor Maryam Mirzakhani The Iranian Born Scholar and The First Woman to Win Fields Medal

A courtesy of The Guardian

Wednesday 13 August 2014 02.30 BST


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Prof. Rehana Khatoon, first women alumni of AMU receive Padma Shri award from President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee , at a Civil Investiture Ceremony, at Rashtrapati Bhavan, in New Delhi on March 31, 2014. The Vice President , Prime Minister, Home Minister and other officials have also attended the function

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Dear Mr. Frank - Good Day
God has given me a little courage and wisdom to serve Persian Literature a…

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Homage To Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou, whom I call the Angel 86; the great  poet, story teller, philanthropist, author, teacher, and activist, embraced the sun like a phoenix, today at dawn at age 86. Please, click here to continue…


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Victoria Day History

Happy Victoria Day!

Today, May 20/2014, is Victoria Day and a National Holiday in Canada. Here is the story of Victoria Day according to Canada"s Government Website. Click here…


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Taihu snow Establishment of silk culture creative studio-spun2

Not long ago, the "revive the Suzhou Silk - Serenity Snow brand culture Appreciation" held in Suzhou Silk Museum. Suzhou Ying Bao Silk Company and Suzhou University School of Style signing up "Suzhou University, made to promote the industrialization of the base," and co-founded "Taihu snow silk culture artistic studio" research cooperation. Earlier this year, Suzhou produced "inheritance and growth of Suzhou silk business, improve the brand and picture from the Suzhou Silk revive Suzhou Silk… Continue

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Tribute on the occasion of Mother's Day

As we celebrate the Mother's Day every year, we pay our tributes to those great mothers who have had prominent roles in shaping the civilized world throughout the history.

One of those mothers was Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962), the

American Politician and the longest-serving First Lady of…


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منشاء حکایت نی مثنوی

Persian calligraphy&painting

oil&acrylic on cardboard

25x35 cm.


تاهست علی باشدو تا بود علی بود


تا نقش زمین بود و زمان بود علی بود

شاهی که وصی بود و ولی بود علی بود

سلطان سخا…


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جلوه روش متعالی ایرانیان دراشعارحافظ

Persian calligraphy&graphics

oil&acrylic on canvas

44x38 cm.



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The train lyrics

(This poem was written in Persian by "Leila kord Bacheh" I just translated it)

Someday a line of this poem....

Like a whistle of train

(They) will pass by your ear


Will wave for you


Like your far familiars

(They) will approach you

& you think

Why does pulse of this poem beat so rapid for you?

You look…


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به استادم بهرام بيضايي. به بهانه ي پنجم دي ماه، فرخنده زاد روزشان.

به استادم بهرام بيضايي. به بهانه ي پنجم دي ماه، فرخنده زاد روزشان.

ما سكوت كرديم و خاموش مانديم. با هر جفايي كه بر ما رفت به رخوتي ژرف‌تر گرفتار آمديم چندان كه لب از لب نجنبانديم. گاهي در سرزمين خودت آنقدر بيگانه‌اي كه آرزوي غربت مي‌كني. گاهي در غربت آنقدر نزديكي كه به سختي باورت مي‌شود آنجا كه بودي سرزمين مادري و پدري و جد و آباديت بود!!! اي عجب!!!!  

نمي دانم ما بد شديم در اين دوران كه روزگار ماست، يا دست سرنوشت كه ما را در چنين زمانه اي زاد كه…


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Honoring the Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims, and Remembering 26 Angels who perished !

A tribute in memory of 26 angels whose precious lives were perished senselessly last year this time, and suddenly broke the whole world's heart! But, such a great loss should never be in vain. We must keep their legacies alive until the whole humanity's conscience is awakened and a new spirit is brought…


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Tribute To President Nelson Mandela

Glad that Prime Minister Harper and I are on the same page sometimes!

He just announced scholarship endowments for African Students two days after I launched MandelasLegacy.org and…


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یکپارچگی در فرهنگ ایران زمین

persian calligraphy&graphics

oil&acrylic on canvas

50x50 cm.



ای آفتاب آینه دار جمال تو /مشک سیاه مجمره گردان خال تو





درمیان فرهنگهای قابل تامل در جهان هیچکدام به اندازه فرهنگ…


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