Orange County Council

All of the many Farhang Foundation activities in Orange County are overseen by our Orange County Council. The Coucil’s goals are to continue Farhang’s many programs, and establish new specific regional programs in Orange County.

Some of the council’s annual events and initiatives include:

  • Persian Studies at UC Irvine
  • The Annual Celebration of Nowruz
  • Celebration of Iranian Cinema at UC Irvine
  • Focus Iran Biennial Exhibition
  • Annual Fundraising Cruise

Orange County Council Members:

Saman Jilanchi – Co-Chair

Tannaz “Tawny” Mazarei – Co-Chair

Marjaneh Afkhami – Member

Dr. Shazad Ghanbari – Trustee Member

Gilda Gilak – Secretary

Fay Hamadanchy – Member

Sharo Khastoo – Member

Parmis Khatibi – Affiliate Member

Sidney Mehrdady – Member

Mark Moshayedi – Trustee Member

Dr. Parto Moshayedi – Trustee Member

Shahram “Sam” Rahimian – Member

Ali C. Razi – Trustee Member

Keyvan Razi – Member

Anoosheh M. Oskouian – Trustee Member



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