Patron Council

Farhang’s Patron Council was created to help promote Farhang’s patron program with a mission to raise funds in support of the foundation’s mission. Members of this council are responsible for gathering sponsors and patrons for Farhang’s many annual projects and events, including the annual celebration of Nowruz, and the annual fundraising gala.

Patron Council Members:

Abdi Rais – Chair

Farhad Bahar – Vice Chair

Pouria Abbassi – Member

Nazfar Afshar – Member

Philip Cohanim – Member

Avi Cohen – Member

Hadi Morshed – Member

Adam Shoeibi – Member

Hormoz Shon Saleh – Member

Sohinaz Sotoudeh – Member

Mehrnoush Yazdanyar – Member



Contribute: Click here to donate to the Farhang Patron program