Dr. Haleh Emrani

Dr. Haleh Emrani - Trustee & Vice Chair

Haleh Emrani is the Founder & CEO of SageDom, a provider of a community building software engine, focused on facilitating group collaboration and communications. Trained as an Electrical Engineer, she has been working in the technical field since 1991. She leads and empower multidisciplinary teams to perform optimally in achieving client and organizational business objectives.

In addition to her professional activities, Haleh Emrani pursued a degree in the history of Pre-Islamic Iran and obtained a PhD in Sasanian Social History from UCLA. She is a Research Fellow at UCI Samuel Jordan Center for Persian Studies and Culture. Her research focuses on the position of women across the many religious groups of the Late Sasanian and Early-Islamic Iran, with emphasis on the legal regulations governing marriage, divorce, guardianship of women and their children, and inheritance. Passionate about academic and philanthropic initiatives, Haleh Emrani chairs the Iranian Studies Council at the Farhang Foundation, working with a team of dedicated individuals passionate about supporting the establishment of an Iranian Studies program at USC.  She has also been managing the Sasanika Project: Late Antique Near East Project. Sasanika is an online forum for the scholars of the Sasanian Period, facilitating access and distribution of related research and academic articles to those who are interested.

Haleh Emrani has a number of publications on position of women and marriage laws in the different communities of pre-Islamic Iran, in various Iranian Studies journals.